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Smriti was conceived when the main designer was still a graduate student. The clothing line started out as a fun venue to design and to perform market research.

Over the years, Smriti has gotten tremendous support and encouragement from many kind souls, and has matured.

The line originally promoted South Asian fabric and motifs with a Western setting. However, with time, the line has become more global.

Smriti still uses many excellent South Asian materials, and acknowledges the great talent of many weavers and artisans in that region. However, with time, the audience of Smriti has become more cosmopolitan, and hence the line has become more adaptable.

In past, Smriti's designs had been shown in various fashion shows. Some boutiques too were generous to give us marketing space.

We had been in hiatus for a while.

However, we are back, and we look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to dressing you up for your next event!